From Lemons to Quince

OmiOpi, a pioneering beverage company, has embarked on a mission of reducing lemon imports and increasing the use of quince.

As OmiOpi revolutionize the way people experience the exquisite flavor of quince, they realized the need for a captivating brand identity that would not only capture the essence of quince but also reflect their values and ambitions. With their sights set on expanding their product offerings and collaborating with other businesses, OmiOpi understood the importance of a compelling visual identity to elevate their presence in the market.

At Schalén Studio, I dove deep into understanding OmiOpi's vision and values. Through conversations and tapping into their childhood memories associated with quince, I formed a clear picture of the emotions and imagery that needed to be conveyed. Drawing inspiration from these insights, I embarked on a creative journey, generating ideas and concepts.

Central to the process was the development of a fitting name for the brand – "Quince." This simple yet evocative word illustrated a metaphorical garden, where one could wander among the letters and pluck the fruits of quince. With the name in place, I proceeded to create distinct label drafts that captured the essence of OmiOpi's values and aspirations.

Its sleek elegance and seamless integration of the company's values resonated perfectly. Drawing upon their feedback and preferences, I refined the chosen design, ensuring that it embodied the essence of quince and aligned with OmiOpi's vision.

The culmination of our collaboration with OmiOpi resulted in an extraordinary outcome that exceeded expectations. The brand identity, name and label design I created truly encapsulated the essence of quince in an elegant and visually stunning manner. The black label, with its understated sophistication, served as a compelling canvas for OmiOpi's brand identity.

By establishing a hierarchy in the information presented on the label, I ensured clarity and an organized presentation. Their commitment to sustainability, love, and luxury sets them apart in the Swedish market.

This versatile design allowed for easy adaptability as new tastes and bottle sizes for a different target group were introduced to the product lineup.

The Quince Effect

My design prowess skyrocketed OmiOpi's success, igniting market presence, collaborations, and brand recognition.

Quince drinks!

Quince Fever! From luxury restaurants to buzzing events, OmiOpi is making waves with their irresistible Quince. Our collaboration opened doors to new opportunities for OmiOpi.

Quince Ice cream!

By effectively communicating OmiOpi's values of sustainability, love, and luxury through our visually stunning designs, I helped them spread awareness and knowledge about quince. Their mission is gaining traction, thanks to collaborations with influencers, producers, and in 2023 even the Swedish Agency for Agriculture.

Our awesome designer has really managed to capture the start of quince. Do you see that the word Quince illustrates a garden? There we walk around the letters and pick the fruits.

Alexander Neumann, CEO OmiOpi, 2021.

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