Lena Schalén, 20+ years experienced strategic consumer brand and packaging expert.

Meet  the Founder

Lena has worked with international brands like Naty in the Baby & Personal Care industry, as well as local Swedish brands like Renée Voltaire in the Food & Beverage industry for nine years.

She holds a Masters degree (MFA) in Graphic Design and Illustration and a University Diploma in Creative Production.

As both a studio owner, creative director and experienced client-side designer and project manager, she has gained unique insights and expertise in creating impactful branding and packaging solutions.

Member of

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European Brand & Packaging Design Association

European Brand & Packaging Design Association

Brand Rebels for Good

On a mission to create sustainable consumer brands that embody values to drive business growth with serious sustainable and healthy aspirations for planet, people and businesses.

Attractive, innovative and compelling solutions can empower consumers to make conscious and sustainable choices that benefit the planet and promote better health.

By partnering with like-minded people, we can lead the way in creating a positive change for our world.

“My passion for sustainability and wellness is rooted in my childhood, yoga practice and role as a 3-kids mother. I strive for a world where it’s easy and enjoyable for consumers to make conscious shopping decisions and live a healthy life.”

How I add value

Strategic Branding Expertise
Innovative Packaging Solutions
Comprehensive Design Approach
Collaborative Partnership

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