From Zeroes to Heroes

Provita, a local medical device company based in Stockholm, found itself facing a significant challenge. In a market flooded with cheaply imported surgical masks, Provita struggled to differentiate itself and communicate the true value of its products to both healthcare professionals and retail consumers. Their brand identity lacked clarity, and their packaging failed to make an impact. Provita needed a fresh approach to position themselves as the preferred choice in both sectors.

Provita recognized the urgency of the situation and the need for a transformation. They sought a solution that would enable them to stand out amidst the sea of generic brands. They understood that effective branding and packaging design were key to winning over consumers in the retail market and securing public sector procurements. Provita's goal was clear: establish themselves as the most sustainable and trustworthy brand in the Swedish market, offering top-notch surgical masks and a premium brand experience.

Schalén Studio embarked on a collaborative journey with Provita, starting with a thorough research and discovery phase. Through a brand audit, benchmark analysis, and customer interviews, I gained valuable insights into Provita's strengths and weaknesses.

Armed with this knowledge, I developed a new packaging and brand identity that captured the essence of Provita's mission while resonating with their target audience. We brainstormed ideas together, explored three distinct design directions, and worked closely with a copywriter and illustrator to bring the chosen concept to life.

Revitalizing with a Heroic Twist

The outcome of our partnership with Provita was a brand transformation that surpassed expectations. I crafted a compelling brand story that elevated surgical mask wearers to the status of heroes, emphasizing their courage and dedication. The brand identity exuded confidence and trust, positioning Provita as a local and secure brand.

The packaging design was meticulously crafted, incorporating user-friendly features and FSC-certified materials. With a smart opening for hygienic handling, the packaging provided a seamless and protective experience for consumers. The new design was not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious, appealing to conscious consumers who value sustainability.

Conquering the Retail Landscape

The impact of my collaboration with Provita was truly remarkable. In December 2021, Provita achieved a significant milestone by securing a spot in the top ten of the pharmacy Apotea's prestigious top list. This accomplishment highlighted the increased visibility and market recognition Provita experienced as a result of the brand transformation.

Furthermore, Provita successfully won contracts with Stockholm Region, solidifying their position as a trusted provider of surgical masks in the healthcare sector.

Beyond the tangible achievements, the impact on Provita was equally profound. Aaron Yueru Wang, VD of Provita, praised Lena's positive and efficient approach, emphasizing our ability to deliver prompt solutions and creative designs. The collaboration not only improved Provita's brand perception but also fostered a positive working relationship that continues to benefit them. My efforts helped Provita become a brand that customers can easily relate to and trust, while making a positive impact on the environment and the Swedish labor market.

”Our business was struggling with retail and storytelling before working with Lena. Lena helped us with our brand identity, brand design and packaging design. Since working with Lena we have landed on top ten of the pharmacy Apotea’s top list in December 2021 and won contracts with Stockholm Region with start in January 2022.”

Aaron Yueru Wang 
VD Provita, Jan. 2022.

In conclusion, our partnership with Provita exemplified my commitment to efficient, innovative, and supportive design solutions. Through my strategic process and creative expertise, I successfully revitalized Provita's brand identity and packaging design, enabling them to shine in the competitive healthcare and retail markets.

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