From Zeroes to Heroes

”Our business was struggling with retail and storytelling before working with Lena. Lena helped us with our brand identity, brand design and packaging design. Since working with Lena we have landed on top ten of the pharmacy Apotea’s top list in December 2021 and won contracts with Stockholm Region with start in January 2022.”

Aaron Yueru Wang 
VD Provita, Jan. 2022.


Provita, a local company, approached us to help make their surgical masks the first choice for consumers in the Swedish retail market and win public sector procurements. Together, we created a new brand identity design, communication style, and packaging that stands out from the competition. Our communication strategy highlighted the unique features and benefits of Provita's surgical masks, making Ordinary People Extraordinary.


Provita wanted to establish themselves as the most sustainable and trustworthy brand in the Swedish market, offering a premium brand experience for healthcare, retail, and conscious consumers.


To achieve this, we conducted a thorough brand audit, benchmark analysis, and customer interviews. This helped identify Provita's strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities for improvement and innovation. We brainstormed ideas together and we created a brand concept for both professionals and private individuals. Our communication strategy highlighted the unique and heroic qualities of everyone who wears a surgical mask, while our smart and user-friendly packaging provided maximum protection and lower environmental impact. With these improvements, Provita is now positioned to make you feel like a hero!

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