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Adventure Medicine needed help with reaching out to new target groups. I updated their graphic identity and created templates to use for their course activity. I also created diplomas and various materials for communication.

They have all you need for a safe adventure, from equipment, to education and medical care.


During the Covid Pandemic, Adventure Medicine saw the increased need for better personal healthcare. The outdoor activities increased and people went on heights, in forests and mountains. For Adventure Medicine it was time to reach new target groups. That's where my joint journey started.


Their balance may be between life and death. No better prevention available than healthcare on the go. This is symbolized by the logo as a sick cross in backpack and in brain. Presented properly in combination with pleasant muted colors and clear modern typography with fascinating imagery. Adventurous. Formally proper. Uniquely. This was only the beginning of their communication. Their range of courses is only increasing.

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