Tackling Food Waste with I’m ok

Revolutionizing Packaging

Orkla, a global food distribution giant, is committed to leading the industry towards a more efficient and sustainable future. With a diverse portfolio of trusted consumer brands, Orkla aims to address the urgent issue of food waste.

In a world where one-third of the food produced is wasted, Orkla recognized the need for change. They partnered with Stora Enso, the initiator of the Recreate Packaging competition, challenging the packaging design community to create innovative designs that combat food waste. Orkla sought a solution that would reduce food waste. One of their brands, Pauluns/BareBra, was in need of a transformation. The current packaging design did not reflect Orkla's commitment to sustainability. This is where my expertise and innovative approach came into play.

From Waste to Wow

I embarked on a journey of insights and creativity to develop a groundbreaking concept for the granola brand and packaging. Through observations, shelf studies, and in-depth analysis, I gained valuable insights into the packaging and brand that called for a rebrand or new brand.

Most granola is thrown away in the home! his insight inspired me to create a packaging that can prevent and solve this problem. 

My process began with ideation and concept development, followed by the creation of a brand identity that captured the essence of the product and its target audience.

Incorporating the idea of expiration dates and food waste into the branding.

Listening to "Time after Time" for inspiration, I sketched out two possible brand and packaging ideas, considering color, logo, typography, graphics, and messages.

Using 3D rendering and visualization, I fine-tuned the packaging design, ensuring its practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Through rigorous testing on kids and other individuals, I carefully selected the winning design. The final result was a playful and practical solution that addressed the issue of food waste while engaging the target audience.

One Portion at a Time: Playful & Practical

The innovative packaging features a foot that doubles as a lid, ensuring freshness and convenience.

By targeting consumers directly, the brand recognizes the power of individual choices in combating this pressing issue. Through their innovative approach, 'I'm ok' encourages people to be mindful of their consumption habits and make informed choices to reduce waste.

Additionally, I introduced refill bags made of monomaterial, accompanied by stylish removable paper labels that serve as reminders for the granola and its best before date in the pantry.The brand design for "I'm ok" was meticulously crafted to capture its natural and premium quality, while also appealing to children's minds and responsible consumers. Playful typography, warm unisex colors, and engaging illustrations create an interactive aesthetic that enhances the overall experience. With "I'm ok," I’ve successfully created a brand and packaging that not only tackles food waste but also delights consumers with its practicality and engaging design and communication. It extends product shelf life, while the packaging and removable labels serve as reminders to prevent forgotten items in the pantry.

Inspiring the Industry

Mindful consumption is promoted through single portions, encouraging reusing and reducing food waste. By prioritizing sustainability and utilizing renewable materials, I’ve made a positive impact on reducing food waste and fostering responsible eating habits.

The "I'm ok" brand has so far made the entry into the last round of the Recreate packaging contest and been featured by the World Brand Design Society.

Through my efforts, I’ve set a new standard for the industry, inspiring others to adopt similar approaches. The reduction in granola waste in households, along with increased consumer engagement and loyalty, highlights the possible success of the "I'm ok" brand and packaging solution.

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