Lighting Up the Global Market


We created the ultimate brand experience for their global brand, Cricket. With 11 products in the natural fire lighters and matches segment, divided into two different series - Cricket Eco and Cricket Standard - we developed and designed packaging that would stand out on a global store shelf and establish Cricket as the dominant brand in the fire starter segment.


The goal was to differentiate the brand, highlight the benefits of the products, and create a strong brand recognition throughout the series. Plus, we had to find a way to convince customers to pay 5-10% more for Cricket products. To tackle this challenge, we used brainstorming, customer journeys, and conversations with experts in materials and sustainable solutions to develop and design the packaging, considering its size, function, and material.


We then shared our insights by showing what problem the packaging solves, why it's better for the consumer, and what makes it more sustainable. We shot images, created symbols, and designed the packaging with a high contrast and warm character in the wood material that lifts the products towards the fiery red. The customer saw two packaging concepts, a short-term and a long-term concept, both using FSC-certified paper and a non-oil based eco barrier. The long-term concept even had an additional function as a shuffle! With this approach, I created packaging that not only looks great but also tells a story and highlights the benefits of the products.

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