Making Healthier Choices Easier


I had the pleasure of working with Bättre Hälsa, one of Sweden's oldest health companies, to clarify and strengthen their brand position. Through the rebranding process, we aimed to evoke emotions and strengthen the brand's promises, by leveraging their genuine knowledge and ambition.


My challenge was to make the brand visible on digital and physical store shelves, differentiate their products, expand their target group, and reach new groups. I aimed to make the brand stand strong and grow in new distribution channels, providing consumers with a wholeheartedly healthy, warm, loving, and secure experience in their everyday health, ultimately helping the company win customers.


I analyzed the market with a focus on four segments and six products, identifying the brand's growth customers, segmentation criteria, and personality. I created the strategic design platform and brand identity, incorporating design elements for function/shape/lifestyle, fonts, colors, coding for product segments, and packaging communication hierarchy. My packaging design honestly communicates the brand, landing on a retro-modern expression that exudes confidence and a premium, unisex, natural, clean, and aesthetic feel. I ensured packaging is recyclable and proposed a packaging design for looping. This work demonstrates how rebranding keeps brands relevant and alive.

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